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Welcome to Hartsholme Academy's PTA.

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Exciting news! There is a new look PTA being formed for Hartsholme Academy. The PTA belongs to its members – all parents, carers and staff are all automatically members. Each and every one of you are welcomed equally to be as involved or not as you wish with this project. We are looking forward to creating a proactive and positive forum for involvement. I am happy to report that this project has full support from Mr. Callaghan and the school.


What is the PTA?
Most schools have a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), which is an organisation of parents and staff. Its role is to encourage closer links between home and school. PTAs are best known for their fundraising work, but they have a useful social function too. The main focus of our new look HAPTA is to ensure effective communication between the school and all parents/carers – ensuring that each and every one of us have equal opportunity to have our voices heard when it comes to our children's education. We want to create a united front between school and home.


What are our main objectives?
• Ensuring effective communication to meet the needs of all parents/carers
• Increased parent/carer involvement
• Opportunity for all to be included in decision making including spending of additional funds
• Fundraising for facilities above and beyond standard curriculum
• Reaching out to local community and including them in school activities and agendas


How can you be involved?
There is opportunity to be involved at any level, whichever suits your circumstances and time restraints best.
• Committee Member - a dedicated member actively involved in driving HAPTA
• Active Member - participating where you can in meetings and activities
• Member - simply enjoy being a member of the school community and utilise the PTA to voice your ideas and opinions.


You can contact myself directly either in person or via my details below. I will be acting as Chair of HAPTA until our first official meeting in September of this year where anyone can put themselves forward for committee positions and be voted in should there be multiple applicants for positions.

I look forward to your feedback and involvement,

Emily Price

Interim Chair HAPTA