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Art for All!

Explore this document to help you develop your art skills. You will find activities to help you develop your mark making techniques and teach you more about colour. You can then apply these skills to lots of different projects and create your very own gallery! You will find all the web links and videos below. Get creative! Have fun!

Salt Painting

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Keith Haring Art Project

This art project was inspired by the artist Keith Haring and explains how to break up your space using warm and cool colours.

Rainbow Scratch Art

In this tutorial you will learn how to create rainbow scratch paper using paint and dish soap. This simple activity can be made with your young artists.

Art and Maths

Let's play a game! Draw the shapes in the same order but you can make the shapes any size you like and put them anywhere on the paper! What geometric art can you create? What colour combinations will you use?

Dancing Mushrooms - combining Art and DT

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Paper Crafting

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