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Attendance & Late/Absence Procedures

At Hartsholme Academy, we take our responsibilities for pupils’ attendance very seriously. Please read our policy, below.

Attendance Expectations - Hartsholme Academy


September 2018



  • Doors open at 8.50am which is when we expect all children to be in school. All external gates close at 9.ooam

  • An SLT member with responsibility for attendance will sign ‘late’ children into school between 9.00am and 9.30am - this will be recorded

  • Texts will be sent to parents of children who are absent with no reason given before 10.00am

  • Follow-up phones call will be made if the reason for absence has not been reported to school

  • At 10.00am a list of children’s names who are absent from school with no contact having been made with parents/carers will be shared with the Pastoral Team.  Further calls and/or a home visit may be carried out by the Pastoral Team

  • Pastoral Team to liaise with Admin team throughout the day

  • For first day absences these will be the only interventions

  • For second day absence this will be the only intervention unless we have a concern(s)

  • For third day absence where no contact can be made with the family, a  home visit will be carried out. If access cannot be gained into the property, then the police and social care will be contacted.



  • Once every half-term attendance figures will be monitored by the Senior Leadership Team

  • For children who sit between 90% and 94.99% where there is no justified reason for low attendance, a letter will be sent to the parents informing them that their child is at risk of becoming a persistent absentee

  • For children who sit below 90% where there is no justified reason for low attendance, a letter will be sent to the parents requesting attendance at a School Attendance Panel meeting


Leave of Absence for Exceptional Circumstances

  • Parents will write to the Headteacher in order to request a leave of absence for exceptional circumstances.  Family holidays cannot and will not be authorised.

  • This will be analysed and authorised/unauthorised by the Headteacher

  • Additional information may be requested from the parent to seek proof that the request is genuine

  • Fines may be issued by Lincolnshire County Council once children have returned to school.