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Restorative Practice - L30 Relational Systems

“The first tool to rethinking success is to review the value of relationships” 

Paolo Gallo

On Tuesday 1 September 2020, we welcomed Paul Moran (Head of Training and Consultancy at L30 Relational Systems) to Hartsholme Academy to deliver whole-staff INSET on Restorative Practice. L30 provides an explicit framework which embodies the principles, values and practices of the philosophy of restorative and relational practice. It is founded on the principles of working ‘with’ people, rather than doing ‘to’ or ‘for’ others. When we work with and alongside people, rather than make decisions about them in isolation, outcomes and impact are so much greater. We look forward to welcoming Paul back in October, when we continue our journey on the road to becoming a restorative school.