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Ofsted and Performance Data

Please find below links to Ofsted and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.


No report yet - why?


There may not be a report because:

  • a newly registered school hasn’t been inspected yet

  • an inspection has taken place recently, but the report hasn’t been published yet

  • a school that has recently become an academy may not have been inspected yet

  • an ‘outstanding’ school that has become an academy may be exempt from routine inspection.

Performance Tables

This is a new academy which opened 01/11/2018; please refer to Hartsholme Academy for previous results.


Revised 2019 data is not available for this school because it changed school type (for example, converted to an academy) during the 2018/2019 academic year, or re-opened after the closure of the previous school (for example, became a sponsored academy). In these cases, the 2019 data will be found on the page of the former school, because that is where pupils carried out the majority of key stage 2.

Key stage 2 (end of primary school) results - 2019

  % Achieving Expected Standard National % Achieving Expected Standard % Achieving Higher Standard National % Achieving Higher Standard Average Scaled Score National Average Scaled Score Progress Score
Reading 65% 73% 13% 27% 101 104 -3.3
Writing 67% 78% 7% 20% - - -3.3
Maths 61% 79% 11% 27% 100 105 -5.0
Combined 48% 65% 2% 11% - - -
SPAG 63% 78% 17% 36% 102 106 -