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Park & Stride

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As you may be aware, the school is working very hard to try to reduce congestion on and around the streets adjacent to Hartsholme Academy, and therefore improving the safety of everyone, not least of all our children.  For several months now, the School Council and Mr Edwards have been working with a Sustainable Travel Officer from Lincolnshire County Council, Sarah Hubery who has been supporting us with developing our School Travel Plan. School Travel Plans are a key tool used to manage traffic and encourage a healthy and safe whole-school community.


We understand that not all children are able to walk the whole way to school, due to distance, parental work commitments and a variety of other reasons. One way in which we hope to help you is by establishing a ‚ÄėPark and Stride‚Äô initiative. ¬†This is a simple initiative, where parents/carers are encouraged to park their car a 5-minute walk from school and then walk the rest of the way with their children.


We are delighted to announce that we have launched our Hartsholme Academy Park and Stride Initiative.  The City of Lincoln Council kindly give us permission for us to use Skellingthorpe Road Recreation Grounds car park.  This is the car park that is situated opposite Hartsholme Country Park and there is a pelican crossing for the safe crossing of Skellingthorpe Road.  We therefore ask parents to park at Skellingthorpe Road Recreation Grounds and walk the rest of the way to school.


Our School Council launched this initiative with the children through a whole-school assembly.  Moreover, during the first few weeks of the initiative, both staff and School Council members were available at Skellingthorpe Road Recreation Grounds and along the short walk to school, anyone require assistance or support.


If you have any queries regarding the Park and Stride initiative, please do not hesitate to speak with Mr Edwards. We are extremely excited about this new initiative and we hope that it leads to an improved and safer experience for the whole school community.


Thank you for your continued support.

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Hartsholme Academy Park and Stride

The Park and Stride route.

Please note: children remain the responsibility of their parents/carers until you arrive at the classroom door.
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