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Hartsholme Academy
‘Success and happiness for every child’
We seek to inspire greatness in every child and to equip them with the academic achievements, life skills and personal attributes to lead happy, safe, successful lives.
Harbour Learning trust
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Read Write Inc - Home Reading

This webpage has lots of videos to help you to support  your child as they learn to read through videos.

Phonics Play

Phonics Play is a website with some wonderful Phonics resources and interactive games.

Classroom Secrets Kids - Phonics

Another wonderful website FULL of interactive Phonics and reading games.

Spelling Shed

 This is an online game to support your child with their spellings. Your child can play the 'Spelling Shed' game if they log-on to the website. Your child has their own unique log-in so please contact your child's class teacher.
There is an App but it does cost £2.99 to download which you do NOT have to download to play - the website has EXACTLY the same content. Your account has been purchased by the school so it will cost you nothing to play if you go via the website.
Hope the children enjoy it! It is a little tricky but a GREAT way to help them with spellings and will be something that they have access to use throughout the whole school.

Read, Write Inc Phonic Sounds

For clarification here are the lists of sounds for each 'set' that we teach. 


Set 1: m  a  s  d  t  i  n  p  g  o  c  k  u  b  f  e  l  h  sh  r  j  v  y  w  th  z  ch  qu  x  ng  nk

Set 2: ay  ee  igh  ow  oo  oo  ar  or  air  ir  ou  oy

Set 3: ea  oi  a-e  i-e  o-e  u-e  aw  are  ur  er  ow  ai  oa  ew  ire  ear  ure