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We seek to inspire greatness in every child and to equip them with the academic achievements, life skills and personal attributes to lead happy, safe, successful lives.
Harbour Learning trust
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Nursery are expecting! 

Nursery are so excited - we have duck eggs! There are currently 10 eggs in the incubator and they are due to hatch towards the end of May. We have to make sure there is enough water in the incubator and be careful not to knock the eggs. They will soon be ready for candling, when we find out how many eggs will turn into ducklings. We will keep you posted! 



Books in Nursery

Today Nursery got our very own sharing books, to enjoy with our grown ups at home. We chose our favourite from lots of lovely books and we will get to change them twice a week. We were so excited to show our grown ups at home time. We can’t wait to hear what everyone’s favourite part is, we love books!