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Hartsholme Academy
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We seek to inspire greatness in every child and to equip them with the academic achievements, life skills and personal attributes to lead happy, safe, successful lives.
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Uniform & PE Kit


  • White polo shirt

  • Navy blue (Nursery - Year 5) or purple (Year 6 only) Hartsholme Academy Sweatshirt

  • Dark grey tailored trousers, shorts, pinafore dress or skirt (Jeans, denim-like trousers, leggings are not appropriate for school, nor are they permitted)

  • Blue & white summer dress

  • Smart black school shoes (boots of any kind, black trainers, pumps, etc. are not appropriate for school, nor are they permitted)

  • One pair of small, flat, stud earrings is permitted

  • A wrist watch (no smartwatches) is also permitted

  • No other jewellery is permitted



Haircuts should be sensible and appropriate for school.  Hair should be natural in colour; dyed, brightly coloured hair is not appropriate for school, nor is it permitted.  Where hair is long enough to do so, it should be neatly tied back for health and safety reasons; this is to prevent hair getting caught or trapped, to help prevent catching head lice, and to keep hair out of eyes when working and/or playing sport.  Extreme hairstyles such as mohicans, ‘zero blade’ shaved sides of head, or patterned lines are not appropriate for school, nor are they permitted.  Whilst we would never wish to stifle creativity, such hair cuts or colourings can be enjoyed in the school holidays.


PE Kit

  • White t-shirt (separate from their school polo t-shirt)
  • Black or navy shorts or jogging bottoms
  • Black or navy jumper/sweatshirt/hoodie 
  • Trainers of plimsolls
  • Change of socks when necessary


PE kit should be brought into school on a Monday and kept in school until Friday each week.


The wearing of any form of earrings for PE & sport (including swimming) is strictly prohibited at all times - this includes ‘taped’ earrings.